Maison n°1

Maison n°1

Maison n°1

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Maison n°1

Research house 1 is a house with concrete walls coated with paint.

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The house thus has large areas capable of storage with a relatively high level of thermal effusivity. The thermal capacity of the house was assessed as „high“. The high level of thermal effusivity of concrete and the exterior heat insulation offers protection from summer overheating. The capacity of the moisture buffering is low, due amongst other things to the low absorption moisture storage capacity.

Description de la maison

Matériau du mur: Concrete
Epaisseur de paroi: 18 cm
Plâtre intérieur: -
Revêtement intérieur (peinture): -
Isolation: -
Epaisseur de l’isolant: 14 cm

Building phisycal parameters

Protection against overheating in the summer
Heat storage
Moisture buffering
Fluctuation of the inner surface temperature

phisycal parameters

Sound proofing
Room acoustics
Absorption of high frequency electromagnetic fields
Noticeable Odour
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