Self Leveling compounds

Self-levelling skim coats

  • Gypsum and cement skims
  • Perfectly flat surfaces
  • Also for substrates with underfloor heating

Self-levelling skims for levelling floors. They are simple to use and after hardening form an ideal substrate for laying tiles or other floor coverings. They are used not only in renovations for levelling old floors or unifying different surface levels, but also in new buildings for new screeds, where the floor covering, e.g. large format tiles or linoleum, requires an extremely flat surface.

Samonivelizačné stierky

Baumit Nivello Quattro gypsum compound

Sadrová samonivelizačná stierka

Self-levelling skim category CA-C20-F6 for an anhydrite base, for levelling gypsum and cement substrates. Thicknesses of 1–20mm, a substrate for all types of covering and also suitable for underfloor heating. Can be used for all residential spaces, including kitchens and bathrooms. Simple to use, no risk of cracks caused by shrinkage.

Self-levelling cement skims

Baumit Nivello 10 is a self-levelling cement skim in category CT-C30-F7 for levelling cement screeds. Suitable for all residential spaces, including kitchens and bathrooms. For thicknesses of 3–10mm.

Baumit Nivello 30 is a cement skim in category CT-C25-F5 for levelling cement screeds, and also suitable for substrates with underfloor heating. Suitable for all residential spaces, including kitchens and bathrooms. For greater thicknesses of 2–30mm.

samonivelizačná cementová stierka

Preparing the substrate

Separate the levelling skim from the surrounding walls and vertical structures using Baumit PE expansion strips, minimum thickness 5mm. The substrate must first be treated with penetrating paint. On permeable substrates use Baumit Grund, or Baumit SuperGrund glue on impermeable substrates or substrates with asphalt layers.